Tuesday, January 10, 2017


One of the President-elect's Monday morning tweets "claimed that the allegation that he mocked disableD reporter was "more very dishonest media."  http://www.dfw.com/2017/01/09/1166035_overrated-or-not-streeps-speech.html

Take a look at the linked video below and make up your own minds.

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A Trump look-alike was apparently hired by the media to make Trump look bad.   Our first post-truth President apparently also sometimes loses contact with reality.  I suspect the Trump White House will eventually adopt the paranoid,  siege mentality adopted by the Nixon White House late during Nixon's tenure.

Every once in a great while, Trump admits he was wrong, e.g., finally conceded that Russians hacked the Democrats and gave the info. to WikiLeaks.  We need more of this.

Trump apparently will continue tweeting after he takes office.  Let's hope it doesn't get in the way of his more important duties.

"If you made the assumption that a PR team is handling Donald Trump’s Twitter assaults, you’d be wrong. The incoming press secretary Sean Spicer said that the President-elect’s tweets are his own, and the team never knows when or what he’ll tweet next. He also said that it’s likely that President Trump will continue to tweet while in office, as this offers him a direct way to address the public."

Here comes the scary part parts [by Blogger] from Spicer who apparently doesn't know the difference between statements of fact (e.g.,whether something did or did not happen, and statements of opinion (e.g., "Meryl Street is overrated").

"Spicer also dismissed the idea that Trump tweets randomly, labeling such thinking as misconception. 'He is a very strategic thinker," Spicer said. “He thinks about where things are going to end up.”  [Does it take strategic thinking to  mock a disable reports call Meryl Streep "overated"]
Spicer also said that Trump’s doesn’t have to fact check what he says, and there’s a distinction between Trump’s “right to express his opinion,” and journalists’ duty to the truth.
“It’s one thing to make a statement, but if you’re a journalist, your job is to get that right,” he said, according to The Chicago Tribune.
[Apparently people running for or holding office have no obligation to be truthful]

Looks like we will have our first "post-truth" Presidential press secretary.

I know what Trump defenders are thinking:  all politicians lie and Hillary told lots of lies. Hillary pales in comparison Trump.  http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/lists/people/comparing-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-truth-o-met/

It's pathetic that we tolerate this, and vote for these people. What ever happened to person integrity and ethics?  I guess it's OK to murder two people because other people have murdered more than two.  Trumps win sends the signal that honest is no longer important for a candidate. This is a pathetic situation. 

Trump doesn't just lie, he loses contact with reality. See also



Trump is an embarrassment to our great nation and people who really care about honesty and ethics.


  1. The electorate knew what they were getting in Donald Trump. Far less threatening than the DNC's corrupt presidential candidate with her elitist and foreign back scratching cronies. So Trump is about as sensitive as George Patton who drove his troops across Europe to defeat Hitler[sic].

  2. I never was a Hillary fan. However, many people expect our Presidents to show maturity and a little class.
    Trump lacks both of these. The electorate has made mistakes before, e.g. Richard Nixon, James Buchanan to name a few.