Tuesday, August 02, 2016


In Texas, licensed concealed carry of handguns became permissible on campuses withini college and university-imposed limits on Monday.  Public universities in the states were required to allow it on most, but not all buildings and rooms.  There was much moaning, groaning and gnashing of teeth among the Left,which has also been hostile to first Amendment rights.  The law did not apply to private schools.  The Second Amendment only applies to government and public institutions.  Private schools could opt out and not allow any carrying. See two very different approaches below.

U.T. Austin has adopted one of the most restrictive policies in the state, despite the following (from Mac McCann)

""n Texas, you must be 21 for a concealed handgun license, which means the vast majority of students won't even be eligible. UT estimates that fewer than 1 percent of students have a concealed handgun license now. Even in the state as a whole, less than 4 percent of the population has a CHL. 

Furthermore, campus carry really won't change much. Since 1995, it's been legal for CHL holders to carry concealed handguns on campus, just not in campus buildings. While I think guns in classrooms are problematic, it's unlikely that we'll turn into the Wild West. Many are scared about campus carry, but those same professors and students don't seem to be terrified when they're on The Drag or the South Mall or any of the other nearby areas that already allow concealed carry. 

UT's campus carry policy working group contacted 17 research universities in campus carry states while studying the issue. Their final report, released in December, noted, "Most respondents reported that campus carry had not had much direct impact on student life or academic affairs." The report also debunked a few claims that anti-campus-carry activists have made. It concluded that there's "little evidence of campus violence that can be directly linked to campus carry, and none that involves an intentional shooting." Addressing other concerns, the report noted: "We found that the evidence does not support the claim that a causal link exists between campus carry and an increased rate of sexual assault. We found no evidence that campus carry has caused an increase in suicide rates on campuses in other states."

Writing for The Los Angeles Times in October, New York University professor Jonathan Zimmerman noted that, of the 18,536 homicides in Texas between 2001 and 2013, only five occurred on or near college campuses. Clearly, Zimmerman argues, the campus carry law “surely isn’t about keeping Texas’ students, faculty and staff 'safe' from gun attacks.” Still, he notes, “Neither is it likely that the measure will make campuses less safe, which is what the other side keeps saying.” In conclusion, Zimmerman makes it clear: “Guns do cause mayhem in America — just not on Texas campuses, where both sides have imagined a problem that simply does not exist.”"

 Of  course, we wouldn't expect any university dominated by ideologues to go with the facts. Sad that cultural warriors dominate a university which is supposed to be dedicated to education, learning and seeking the truth.


"All but one private university have opted out of the state's controversial campus carry law. Over the past few months, 37 private universities  — ranging from major research institutions like Rice University to small religious schools like Lubbock Christian University — chose to continue banning guns, which they are allowed to do under the new law. The lone school to opt in is Amberton University, a small, nonprofit school based in Garland." Kudos the them.  Consider them in your range of educational choices.


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