Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Action & Reaction in America, Confederate symbols

America is the land of action and re-action.  Part of the country moves in one direction, part in the other.  Here are examples from Texas.
[E]xplosive deliberations about the names of Confederates on public schools . . .  unfolded across Texas during the last academic year, after the massacre in Charleston of nine African-American worshippers by a man who revered the Confederacy.

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"When classes start this month across Texas, 10 schools in Austin, Dallas and Houston will welcome students to the new academic year with new names, leaving at least 24 that still bear the names of Confederates. . . Efforts to rename schools that pay homage to Confederates have made headlines across the country. Public symbols of veneration for the Confederacy have also been reconsidered at UT-Austin, which removed of a statue of Jefferson Davis last August, and House Speaker Joe Straus charged the Texas House Administration Committee with reviewing Confederate statues on the Capitol grounds."

Elsewhere in Texas
"A memorial honoring those who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War, edging for states’ rights and slavery, is close to being completed near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Orange, Texas.
The small town located just west of the Louisiana border is home to the half-completed monument that, so far, stands with a circular base and multiple columns, Gary Bray, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, told Friday. Bray said the monument has been in the works for “several years” and will include benches for visitors to the area located next to Interstate-10."

Although the SCV denies it supports white supremacy, the Southern Poverty Law Center suspects otherwise.

Since at least 2013, the group has been raising funds for the $50,000-memorial, with construction moving along as fast as money allows.

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