Tuesday, August 16, 2016


"Milwaukee's curfew on teenagers and community leaders' calls for restraint calmed the city somewhat overnight after two nights of riots sparked by the fatal police shooting of a black man.
The city was due to become a focus of the U.S. presidential race later on Tuesday. Republican nominee Donald Trump will visit and participate in a previously scheduled televised town hall meeting with Fox News host Sean Hannity, raising the possibility of protests similar to those that have followed the candidate elsewhere during the campaign.
Police said Sylville Smith, 23, was killed on Saturday afternoon after he fled a black officer who had stopped him for acting suspiciously. They said Smith was carrying an illegal handgun and refused orders to drop it when he was shot.
Peaceful demonstrations in the Sherman Park area where Smith died turned into violent protests on Saturday and Sunday nights. Shots were fired, and some rioters torched businesses and police cars. Angry crowds pelted riot police with bottles and bricks.

Eight officers were wounded, and dozens of people were arrested, police said. One person suffered a gunshot wound.
Monday night was much quieter after a citywide curfew for minors took effect at 10 p.m. Police said there were 10 arrests, one report of shots fired and no property damage."

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  1. Reasonably credible reports are surfacing that once again protestors from outside the scene are being imported, paid for by Soros funds. The BLM crowd is supported by his funding.

    Note that the hundreds of dead black people in Chicago do not matter to BLM.

    The con-artists of SPLC operate on the basis that any white person who operates by fact instead of emotional cries of Rayciss! is by definition a terrorist or racist. Their relationship with truth is about like that of Obama or Hillary.