Sunday, July 17, 2016


I like to throw in some thought-provoking issues once in awhile. 
Religion is in some sense like any other institution or even object (e.g. gun).  It can be use for good or evil.  They can display the best of our virtues or the worst of our dark side.  The problem is not all religions and all religious people. However, the Catholic Church has a very checkered history, and many Americans justify white Supremacy and denial of constitutional rights on a religious basis.  Religion has been and still is used by many to justify wars, honor killings of women, and of course, the horrendous violence of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  Is there an approach to religion than can deal with this duality? A Rabbi writes about Judaism, but his approach to can apply to all religions.  See This review of "Putting God Second." for one author's suggestions on how to reconcile this duality.

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