Saturday, July 23, 2016


The Fort Worth ISD has backed off on its bathroom policies after objections from parents and politicos.  "Transgender students in Fort Worth schools will now need their parents' input on how best to navigate schools — including which bathrooms to use, according to an updated policy announced by district officials Wednesday."
The revised policy says parents must be aware that their children are dealing with gender identity issues if special accommodations are needed for the child. This would mean children who wish to use the bathroom of their gender identity will have to inform their parents.
The updated guidelines are an attempt to be "more clear, concise and place trust in those most involved to find the right answers for each child," said a district news release."

Some idiots have foolishly opposed this policy on the basis that the child will have to share information with parents and relatedly, the school will have to inform the parents if their child has trangender-related issues.  How awful, requiring students with concerns to discuss them with parents and getting parental approval, and schools sharing information about a minor with that minor's parents?

  Although I am in favor of equal protection of the law for all LGBT's, after reflection, I have come to the conclusion that the Obama administration regulation re this were too much of a knee-jerk reaction without adequate concern for local, educational and parental input. (Perhaps I failed to heed my own claim to avoid knee-jerk reponses. Too often if people is strongly disagree  (e.g. TX's Dan Patrick) with criticize something I automatically decide it has to be a good idea.)
 I basically agree with the guidelines, but we need to back off 'my-way-or the highway' approaches and get input from stakeholders, esp. parents and school personnel before making sweeping changes.  Let's try to get away from zero-sum, in-your-face, confrontational culture wars approaches and try to work out some informed compromises that take into account realities on the front lines.

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