Saturday, July 23, 2016


See the video and analysis of this shooting of an unarmed black man, Charles Kinsey lying on his back with his hands up.

Most cops are honest, decent people who try to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, there are too many who don't.  This appears to be an example. These types don't need to get hired and don't need to be retained.  There needs to be some way to weed out and/or change these types before they kill or seriously injury someone. There needs to be some radical changes in police culture and police-community relations (See some recommendations in post below). The officer who shot this man  was suspended as per policy with pay.  He needs to to be criminally prosecuted.

UPDATE (emphasis supplied)
"Authorities in North Miami, Florida, said Friday that they had placed a second police officer on leave as part of the investigation into a police shooting there this week in which an officer shot and wounded an unarmed man.
The second officer was placed on unpaid administrative leave because of “conflicting statements given to the investigators” looking into the shooting, Larry Spring Jr., the North Miami city manager, said at a news conference."

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