Saturday, May 14, 2016


More cluelessness in Texas (see below).  The current bathroom-wars controversy has added new fuel to a long-standing issue in Texas.
"Dallas (CNN)Texas isn't going anywhere. At least, not yet.
At the Texas Republican Convention here, state delegates met and struck a resolution from being added to the party's platform that endorses the idea of a referendum for Texans to vote to secede from the United States.
Just the fact that it got this far is pretty surprising for the Lone Star State, and shows this once grassroots movement is becoming mainstream.
The Texas Nationalist Movement has been leading the effort for 10 years to get the referendum on a ballot, and the president of the group said he won't give up.
. "This idea that people have the right of self-determination and places like Texas can assert their right of self-determination and become independent nation states is not that odd at all."
Miller compared the idea of a Texas secession to Scotland's independence referendum in 2014 — which didn't pass after voters decided that Scotland shouldn't be an independent country from the United Kingdom.
During the last four Texas legislative sessions, Miller said he's pursued the legislature to file a bill to give Texas voters the opportunity to vote on independence."
Although sanity and reality prevailed on that issue, that was not the case with all issues. The did manage to pass a resolution calling for a total ban on abortions.  Another reason to secede apparently because the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed the existence of a woman's limited constitutional right to an abortion and a majority of Americans support this limited right.

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