Saturday, May 21, 2016


 Trump's endorsement by the NRA and Hillary Clinton's harping about the need for gun control suggest it will be an issue in the November elections.
However, Mrs. Clinton's support for gun control varies depending on the audience.
"Mrs. Clinton’s appearances in black churches, where she cited the grim statistics of gun violence and surrounded herself with families of victims, helped her win crucial African-American voters. She relentlessly criticized Mr. Sanders for his votes against gun control in the Senate.
On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton avoided speaking about gun control in rural white regions of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, whose blue-collar voters will be desperately fought for by any Democratic nominee against Mr. Trump. A disparaging comment by Mr. Obama in 2008, who said that these voters cling to guns and religion, did much damage. [see "bittergate" below]
As Mrs. Clinton turns to the general election, she plans to highlight the issue in swing districts like Northern Virginia and the Philadelphia suburbs, a campaign official said, where changing demographics are tipping support for gun control, especially among women."
 Perhaps even more crucial will be the new President's power to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice.  The Heller and McDonald decisions were 5-4 and now one of the 5, Scalia, is gone.  This may be where the real threat to gun rights lies.  Hopefully, Republicans, for better or worse will control the Senate and be able to block any left-wing authoritarians Hillary nominates.
I think we can add hypocrisy and double-talk to the list of concerns of voters to go along with her ethically-challenged behavior and probable toady of Wall Street.  Don't get me wrong.  I am not a one-issue voter although some issues are more important than others. Trump is the ultimate Washington outsider and that appears to be what many people want.  However, he also appears to be the loosest cannon I have ever seen,poised to become the Republican nominee.  I suspect in the end I will got the polls and not vote for either.

Finally, I hope you remember Obama's "bittergate."  I wonder if Hillary is from the same mold.

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