Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Thanks goodness the Texas legislature is not in session or it could have embarrassed the state just like North Carolina did with its law on bathroom use only by gender indicated on birth certificates. (See "Tempest in the Toilets" below)

However, some of the folks in Rockwall Texas (near Dallas) felt compelled to try to save the state's reputation as a wacko state by  introducing their own ordinance.

"Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt found no support for his policy to regulate bathroom use by birth sex Monday.
While Pruitt or any single member could bring the item to council, his motion needed a second supporter to go to a vote. Even after Pruitt suggested scaling the ordinance back to include only city property, nobody stood with him to force a vote." 

Not to be outdone, a Dallas County Community College District board candidate sent out a mailer/flier on the issue.  Where do they find these people?


  1. One of these days, a transgenderitis creature is going to wander into the wrong restroom. Some gal is gonna freak out and she or her husband/boyfriend will stomp a mudhole in that creature's butt.

    Tuff stuff.

    Me, I'm fed up with normal working folks having to kow-tow to weirdness.


  2. Art, Thanks for the comment. Never heard of it happening yet. Transgender folks have been around for quite awhile. Many colleges and universities and businesses have dealt with this "problem" and have found out there is no problem. This who policy thing is a solution in search of a problem.

  3. IMHO, progressives have undermined fundamental natural rights in favor of fabricated unnatural rights. Where does this bureaucratic nonsense end?