Monday, May 30, 2016

NBA player shot during 3:20 a.m. apartment break-in

Around 3:20 on Saturday morning, "[r]ookie New Orleans Pelicans basketball player Bryce Dejean-Jones died after being shot early on Saturday when he broke into a Dallas apartment, authorities said.
Dejean-Jones, a 23-year-old shooting guard with the National Basketball Association team, kicked in the front door of an apartment, police said in a statement. The noise woke up the resident in his bedroom, they said, and Dejean-Jones failed to respond when the man called out.
When Dejean-Jones kicked the bedroom door, the man shot him with a handgun, the statement said."

The man was not arrested and it appears highly likely that his use of deadly force was lawful and that he acted in accordance with Texas law. See Texas Penal Code sec. 9.31 (a) (1) (A), which provides a defense in such cases.  Such defenses must be disproven by the prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt.  The District Attorney can refuse to take the case to the grand jury and the grand jury then can refuse to indict.  It is highly unlikely the shooter will be charged.

Sources indicate that the player was in Dallas to see an ex-girlfriend and their young child.  The woman and child reportedly lived one floor below the apartment where the shooting occurred.  One gets the impression that give the time and circumstances surrounding the incident, the purpose of the visit to see them was not a warm familial one.  Autopsy results should indicate if the player was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Had it been the ex-girl friends apartment, he might also have been killed  Sadly, a young man with a promising future acted in a totally irresponsible fashion and it cost him his life.  Would you not have done the same thing? This is an example of why we need an individual Second Amendment right.

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  1. Let's review the word anecdotal . . . you go first. And the dead moron . . . he should have a gun too?