Wednesday, January 20, 2016


According to the Washington Post"
"The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will consider whether President Obama exceeded his powers in trying to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, stepping into one of the most contentious topics in the nation’s political debate.
A positive ruling from the justices would provide Obama his last chance before leaving office to protect more than 4 million people who are parents of citizens or of lawful permanent residents and allow them to “come out from the shadows” to work legally, as he put it when announcing the program in November 2014. The initiative was challenged by 26 states and has been blocked by lower courts."

The Supreme Court has bailed out Obama twice on Obamacare, but this case looks like it may go the other way.  We can expect the 4 liberal ideologues  on the Court to uphold Obama and the 4 conservative ideologues to strike it down.  Kennedy will be the swing vote although  Roberts has disappointed conservatives in supporting Obamacare and  may spring a surprise on this one.  Although the Court has the chance to answer this separation of powers (executive v. legislative) issue, it may decide the case on narrower grounds.

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  1. If the country is to have an immigration policy, there needs to be a line in the sand. Otherwise, you might as well have open borders. Progressives, like the Obama administration, are pushing for the latter under the guise of "social justice". What about lawful citizens, of all backgrounds, who are unfairly burdened by policies that encourage a never ending influx of illegal aliens. Where is their justice? Obama is the chief law enforcer. He needs to step down from on high and do his job.