Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year, New Laws incl. Gun Controls

Among the new laws, California's  "gun violence restraining order" raises a number of constitional issues. According to USA Today:  "The New Year has brought a slew of new laws across the country, including a controversial California law allowing judges to seize the guns of people judged a danger to themselves or others.
California’s “gun violence restraining order” lets judges remove guns from from someone deemed a risk. Proponents say it will reduce suicides and other shootings by empowering family members to take away guns from someone they believe poses a danger. The National Rifle Association called it “one of the most egregious violations of civil liberties ever introduced” in the state.
California law already allows police officers to seize any weapons found during a domestic violence incident and hold them for 48 hours; the new law gives officers the power to search someone's property if a judge issues a gun violence restraining order.
California isn’t the only state where new gun laws took effect Jan. 1. In Oregon, a person subject to a restraining order or convicted of certain domestic abuse offenses cannot have guns or ammunition.
And in Texas, licensed owners will be allowed to visibly carry holstered handguns without a special permit. Texas joins 44 other states that currently allow open carrying of guns. Not everyone, however, is onboard with the open-carry law: Three grocery store chains in Texas have said they will bar open carrying of weapons on their premises, and the pushback against the law has gathered attention under the Twitter hashtag #GroceriesNotGuns."

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