Saturday, January 16, 2016


The NYT and other sources are complaining, about the shortage of black nominees for Oscars.  Suspicions of racism are lurking.    Although I am a strong advocate for equal protection and civil rights, and advocate for dimunition of dysfunctional income disparities,  and a strident opponent of the lost-cause and other white supremacist ideologies,  things sometimes are taken too far. I think many have become too ready to see racism every time something bad happens to a black person or blacks don't appear to be getting their "quota."  There are more white movie-goers, movie execs and Oscar voters than any race, but racism may not be the cause. Yes, racism exists, but it has become a cottage industry on the left to see racism everywhere and in everything.  "Crying wolf" too often weakens the movement for change.  Unfortunately, in today's politically polarized world, each side desperately searches for an issue to spin and perspective and rationality are lost. Real problems should be remedied, but we need to focus on the real problems--criminal justice, public schools, dysfunctional income disparity, civil rights violations, etc.   I fear for our polity in the current paranoid, demonizing and win-at-any-cost mentality.

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