Saturday, January 16, 2016

Conservatism and Capitalism, Rise of the teen consumer

Numerous sources, including this blogger have noted that the Republican Party and the conservatives seem to be self-destructing.
However, this problem reflects that fact there is a more fundamental potential split among conservatives that, could end, what little unity exists.  Conservatives/Republicans are basically of 2 types, social/cultural/religious and economic/big business.  The latter rely on capitalism.  However, capitalism is ONE of the major factors that promotes the cultural changes that the social conservatives hate.  Sex and violence sells books, movies, etc. and all sorts of products,  and pornography is a multi-billion dollar shadow industry,  Social conservatives are uncomfortable with all the sex and pornography.  
One of the turning points in this process was general affluence and the rise of business that targets young people.  Children and teens acquired spending money as the economy flourished and parental supervision of that spending diminished.  That market niche has been filled with what these consumers are often unhealthily interested in sex, drugs, violence and rebellion.  Capitalism is gutting much of  conservative culture.  When are the cultural conservatives going to wake up.  Problem is, that other than their own political party, which will have little chance of winning, they have no place to go.  The anti-religion, sexual freedom Democrats are even worse.


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