Friday, November 13, 2015

White Supremacist Violence has not died out

The KKK has largely faded into the background and many think white supremacy advocates and white supremacy violence are things of the past.  Think again! The Dylan Roof case has brought new attention to the problem.
According to the FBI

“It was a gruesome and hateful crime—three men with white supremacist tattoos punching and kicking the face and body of an African-American man at a bus stop in Houston last summer simply because of the color of his skin. All three were recently convicted of the attack, following an investigation by the FBI and its partners.

It’s not an isolated case. It seems like a throwback to a different era, but white supremacy—which sees whites as inherently superior to those of other races—still exists in America today.”
See this list of recent white supremacist crimes 2009-2012.


  1. Racial hate crimes are committed by people of all colors. There's no state in the union that sanctions such acts. IMHO, the progressive media and politicians contribute heavily to today's racial divide.

  2. 44, Thanks for the comment. You are correct, but hate crime victims are more likely to be black or Jewish than any other distinct group. Hope to get a post out on this general topic. Further, politicians and media do present a very negative, unbalanced and stereotyped view of race relations in America. "Microaggression" theory is an example. Good or positive news is not newsworthy for most of the media and politicians.