Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book Review, "American's Secret Jihad," White/Aryan Supremacy is not Dead

Rather than repeat what has already been written, I direct you this review of this book by Stewart Wexler, and hit a few additional points.
The book is about white/Aryan supremacist groups who use a twisted Christian theology to justify unprovoked attacks on black and Jews. 

One of these twisted theologies is the Christian Identity Movement. (Now apparently Called Kingdom Ministries.)   It has had various names and sub-sects over the years.  One of the related groups was  the Confederate Underground. Another related group was the National States Rights Party.

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists a number currently active white/Aryan supremacy groups. There are  number of current groups who support this theology--one is
From 2010 to 2014, this website had over 417,000 unique visitors.  Another group site Kingdom Identity Ministries  got an average of over 2,400 visits.    Their website states "Kingdom Identity Ministries is a Politically Incorrect Christian Identity outreach ministry to God's chosen race (true Israel, the White, European peoples).  (This data is from p. 323 of the book).
According to Wexler, neither of these groups, however, openly or directly advocates terrorism.

The KKK still holds sway in limited areas and white/Aryan supremacy is alive and sickly well in America.   I suspect that some, but not all, lost cause delusionists are white supremacists. How many in these groups or 'lone wolves' are willing to use violence is unknown. 

Racist and violent theologies are world wide.  ISIS is the most obvious example.  The SPLC lists 3 black/lslamist groups in this category (see link above)

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