Sunday, November 15, 2015

Police and illegal immigration/detainer flap

"Last month, Democrats in the United States Senate blocked a Republican-backed [anti]sanctuary cities bill, despite growing pressure from conservatives to crack down on local governments that refuse to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials or, in cities like Durham, to vigorously pursue immigration investigations.
But the lack of action in Washington has only increased the ferment over the issue in some cities and states across the country."
The issue became more inetense after a murder in San Francisco.
"The suspect is a Mexican national with an extensive criminal record who had been deported five times. Before the shooting, he had been released from custody by the authorities in San Francisco, who declined to respond to a federal request that the immigration authorities be notified. Sheriff Mirkarimi said he had been barred from responding by San Francisco’s sanctuary rules, which strictly limit cooperation between the police and federal immigration officials."
Read the article from the NYT to see develoments in N.C., TX and elsewhere.

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