Friday, November 27, 2015

Supreme Court case raises important "diversity" and equal protection issues

The Supreme Court will hear Fisher v. Univ. of Texas. According to the NYT:
" With the constitutionality of race-based affirmative action hanging by a thread at the Supreme Court, University of Texas officials are struggling to explain a policy that gives an extra edge to Latino and African American students from middle-class households and top-performing high schools."  The preferences are also give to many minority students from affluent families.  One opponent of the University stated, ""If one is looking for a lively discussion from students with the greatest possible variety of backgrounds, then including a poor white student from a trailer park might add more diversity than a wealthy African American graduate of a prep school, . . ."

In too many states, universities are poorly monitored and audited.  The ethically challenged flourish. Legal and ethical lapses are commonplace, but often covered up.  It reminds me of some police departments.


  1. Political correctness and fear of "trial by media". If one is Latin or black, it's automatically assumed that any and all segments of government should provide some manner of assistance, regardless of the economic status.

    It's also known as "hypocrisy". Commonly associated with moral cowardice.


  2. Art,
    Agreed. Higher ed. should not be engaging in social engineering without legislative oversight and specific authorization.