Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obama's Exec. Orders on Gun Control

The Pres. issued 23 executive orders regarding gun control. No glaring threats yet, but #8 involving the Consumer Products Safety Commission will need to be watched.  Some privacy issues raised, but lets hope that people's privacy rights will be adequately accommodated.  Remember, "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" no matter what right is involved.  Thanks to Bennett Jones for the link. 

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  1. Many of the president's proposals are already in place. For example, under federal privacy rules, healthcare providers and educators are expected to notify law-enforcement if an individual poses an injurious threat to themselves or other people. And as typical for the demagogues' socialist wannabe party platform, their useless suggestions on how to respond to an active shooter scenario leaves out the most effective counter measure, an armed citizenry.