Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's do something NOW to protect shool kids!

In the rush to profit from a tragedy, many misguided people and left-wing ideologues have become obessessed with passing new gun control laws that will impact law-abiding citizens.  Of course, in the hysteria to enact legislation which will not work and may infringe on Second Amendment rights, they seem to have lost sight of what can we do SHORT-TERM to protect students. Proposals which might work are lost in the shuffle.  The NRA suggested armed police officers in all schools. The ideologues didn't like it crying that "gun don't belong in schools "  It's viewed as "too expensive"  by others.   Of course, many school districts have had such officers for years.  Apparently it is more important to do something in the future which will not work than to do something NOW which might help.  I  guess some people only care about protecting kids when it can be used as a leg-up for new gun controls.  Shameful!

In Texas and some other states, there is talk of allowing teachers and adminsitrators who have concealed carry permits to carry in schools.  This might be worth a try if these teachers get extra screening, continuous monitoring and extra training.

Let's do something NOW that will protect kids.  Metal detectors, cameras, sensors and tightened security might also  help.  At least doing something NOW may help students and parents feel more comfortable having their kids in public schools.

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