Friday, January 14, 2011

Justice coming to Winkler Cty TX?

Justice finally may be coming to Winkler County, TX. In a case that would have made Judge Roy Bean proud, two nurses who reported a doctor to the Texas Medical Board were indicted and one was tried. Anyone with any sense could have smelled a rat. The jury had enough sense to acquit the nurse who was tried. The county was sued and paid out $750,000. A princely sum for a small, sparsely populated West Texas County. The doctor,a former Winkler County Hosp. administrator, the county attorney and Sheriff were recently indicted for their roles in the case against the nurses. Just another example of poor quality of people we frequently find serving in public office. Perhaps the rule of law will find additional vindication.


  1. It's not surprising that this occurred at the hands of a physician in a hospital environment. The supporting cast in law enforcement was simply following a dimwit's course and playing to the box seats. A major component of the weakness in our health care delivery mechanism is a leadership vacuum in the hospital setting . . . many physicians believe that they are divine rulers and the only leadership they need to demonstrate is authoritarian. It engenders a "we vs. they" environment where the team is always less than the sum of its parts. Younger docs are being taught better, so there is hope.

  2. Ridgway: Thanks for your insight. I hope the younger docs are better on this.!