Monday, January 24, 2011

Judge overturns Calif. Ammo law

Judge overturns poorly written Calif. ammo law. The Second Amendment is moving forward slowly, but there will be many public officials who too easily forget that the Second Amendment is part of the Supreme law of the land which takes precedence over their ideology. As the authoritarian Left tries to strike back, I think we can also expect to see more harassment of gun owners who are trying to follow the maze of complex gun laws. However, both sides in the debate need to remember that like all constitutional rights, the Second Amendment is not absolute.


  1. An individual's right to keep and bear arms is an inherited right that is not government's to give. They can only recognize it, as through the 2nd Amendment, or subvert it. Requiring a license to carry concealed is a big compromise as it's a type of registration that includes a photo ID and fingerprinting.

  2. 44:
    Thanks for the post. I agree that an individual's right to keep and bear arms in a natural law right. However, that's not enough to give it legal protection. Such rights have to be recognized or codified in law. The Supreme Court held in Heller than the Framers intended to recognize/codify the natural law right. You can usually tell a pre-existing right by the language "the right to . . . shall not be infringed."