Monday, January 24, 2011

Gunman shoots 4 cops at Police Station

More security needed at police stations? Since 9/11, and with all the wackos out there, one gets the impression that more security is needed just about everywhere!


  1. The word wacko is important . . . perhaps if we had a statistical estimate of the number of individuals per thousand population who absolutely should be enjoined from possession of a firearm, we would have a better feel for the risks associated with unrestricted increases in rate of fire, capacity, bullet lethality, etc. On the other hand, perhaps the answer is emotional cubicles where we do not let the deaths of people whom we don't know affect us . . . tell ourselves there's no blood --- it's all a game.

  2. Stop counting and better prepare yourself. The wackos are now and will always be among us. Proof that you're far safer or at the very least have the defensive option when properly armed. Such dangerous sociopaths will find some device and/or way to inflict injury upon others. They lose that delusional power and control when the playing field is leveled. And as rightfully said before, seconds do matter when police are minutes away. Speaking of which, Texas' newly seated legislature is reintroducing a bill to allow concealed carry on college campuses. This definitely needs to pass and become law for the reason stated here.