Monday, January 17, 2011

Innocence Projects/Networks.

DNA testing has created a revolution in crime-fighting and convicting the guilty. It has also created a revolution in freeing innocent people. Innocence projects of various types have sprung up all over the nation. There are at least 3 in Texas. Here's a good state-by-state list with links.


  1. While I strongly support the use of DNA evidence to prevent and correct wrongful conviction, I think the occurrence of same is very small. This focus on the innocent, while terribly important, seems to hide the overwhelming impact that DNA science has had on the solving of crimes and the removal of monsters from society. To call it revolutionary is to understate it.

  2. Ridgway:
    Thanks for the comment. As you suggest, we should also focus on the guilty who have been nailed by DNA testing. It has been revolutionary and a great leap forward for crime control. Anybody seen any data this topic? Please advise.