Saturday, November 05, 2016


Some Trump supporters are beginning to fear that their choice is going to lose. Trump has said that if he loses it will be because the election is rigged against him.  Does this sound a little paranoid? Some Trump supporters have talked about revolt.    They are not alone in their worry.  Here's another approach.
A Texas Republican, fearing a Trump loss, goes bonkers. U.S. Rep. Mike
McCaul (D, TX) calls Hillary guilty of treason and want to start impeachment proceedings if she is elected.   Where do they find these people?  It appears that some Trump supporters have lost their sense of reason.  This is insane.  Apparently the Dems are confident enough that they haven't gone off the deep end. 

I guess we'll soon be seeing secession resolutions in Southern Legislatures if the Donald doesn't win.   Beer Hall putsch anyone?

The rule of law must prevail over anger and paranoia.  If it doesn't, democracy and a free society may slowly start to slip away. 

The other major party offers you one of the most ethically challenged politicians in recent history.  I understand the frustration, but some people need to get a grip!  Do something peaceful, rational and lawful if you are frustrated--Vote for a third party candidate!

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