Saturday, November 05, 2016


Texas Agriculture Secretary Sid Miller, like so many Texas public officials, has embarrassed the state.  Where does the Texas Republican party find these people?    Since Republicans control government at the state level, the Democrats don't have much chance to embarrass themselves at that level. See the second entry for a local Dem official who also blew it.

"It began with a terribly vulgar tweet sent out under Miller's name on Tuesday afternoon that referred to Clinton as a four-letter c-word."

This Dallas local Dem. (although not elected) showed a similar lack of class.

I've been following politics since the 1960's and cannot recall a major party presidential candidate who talked more outrageous, classless, immature trash than Donald Trump.
How did this miscreant get this far? This guy was the best the Republicans can do?  Has the bar been lowered even further for the future with the Trump precedent.  How low can we go? 

What a horrible election!  Two unfit candidates, one of whom will become U.S. President.

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