Thursday, June 04, 2015

Rahim shooting video, false accusations

The presumption of guilt that  all too often attaches to police officers who shoot and kill black males, esp. those later found to be unarmed, is fed by hot-headed people using social media.  This is an example for US News and World Report.
Usaama Rahim was shot and killed by Boston PD.  See the full story at the link.  "An anti-terror task force of FBI agents and Boston police, faced with an imminent threat, confronted Rahim on a sidewalk and fatally shot him when he refused to drop his knife, authorities said.
His older brother, Ibrahim Rahim, is a scholar known for preaching after the Boston marathon bombings that violence is anti-Islamic. Ibrahim Rahim initially posted a message on Facebook alleging police repeatedly shot his brother in the back while he was on a cellphone calling their father for help. But his version unraveled Wednesday after police showed their video of the confrontation to community leaders."
The value of body cams and dash cams is more obvious than ever.  Many departments are  jumping on this worthwhile bandwagon.

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