Friday, June 05, 2015

Government snooping news

There's good news. "The National Security Agency lost its authority to collect the phone records of millions of Americans, thanks to a new reform measure Co  ngress passed on Tuesday. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law on Tuesday evening.  It is the first piece of legislation to reform post 9/11 surveillance measures."

And BAD news.  New snooping revealed about international internet traffic.  No warrants, no court approval, no congressional approval.  I can see the need to monitor international internet traffic, but the administration's go-it-alone approach for snooping on U.S. soil is problematic


  1. I've always viewed the general internet as an unsecured bulletin board. For this reason, the 4th Amendment should only apply to encrypted websites and messages.

  2. 44, thought-provoking point. The general test for the existence of a 4th Amendment right against searches is "a reasonable expectation of privacy." One can argue that for much internet activity there is no such expectation. However, I contend that e-mail is analogous to snail-mail which is protected by the 4th Amend.