Saturday, June 20, 2015

Border Patrol reviews shooting

64 agents cleared.  Three agents still under investigation.  Recent reforms should improve process. One change offers insight into the BP leadership mentality "Last month, Customs and Border Protection made it possible for people to file written complaints against officers in Spanish for the first time. The move came after pressure from activists who said the Border Patrol deliberately made it difficult to file complaints." The prior rule shows you how seriously the BP was interested in hearing complaints.  No integrity!


  1. What other countries allow complaints to be filed in foreign languages? Can I guess, "Few, if any"? And if so, how does that relate to integrity?


  2. 44, thanks for the post. Americans claim "exceptionalism," and Americans have higher expectations for government integrity than citizens of most other countries. We expect government to be responsive to legitimate complaints. When the people most likely to complain may have very lttle fluency and articulateness in English, and are more likely to speak and write Spanish better than English, the old BP policy seems more like 'let's pretend we care about complaints' than a real concern about fielding complaints.