Thursday, August 01, 2013

9mm better than .40 cal for Cops?

Sioux Falls PD moving from .40 to 9mm. The new 9's will apparently be Glocks also.  Their data suggests better accuracy, more rounds and comparable on impact and expansion.  Some disagree and this move appears to be against the trends.


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  2. I would prefer they go back to .38 or .357 revolvers as a start to demilitarizing the police. Keep the AR carbines and shotguns in cars, of course. But then, I'm the guy shopping for a lever action while AR shoppers were getting gouged. I think dedicated SWAT teams should be abolished along with no knock warrants. Oh, and end the drug war.

  3. GEJ:
    Thanks for the comment. I agree that the police are too militarized and that SWAT teams are overused.