Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taser Sales Growing

In spite of all the negative publicity, most law enforcement agencies continue to use and even add more Tasers.  Most of the research shows that they are a valuable tool that can reduce officer and suspect injuries. Colorado Springs is the latest to add more Tasers.  Go to the Taser Intl'l website for more info.


  1. Injury reduction is not confined to police . . . because the person being tazed is usually crossing the threshold of psychotic attack, the reduction of injury to others (besides the police) and themselves is a no brainer. The "negative publicity" cited against tazer use is bloated with denial by those who have never had the responsibility of controlling people with dangerous character and self control in blind rages. A refusal to comply with an order is very often a testing behavior that is a precursor to physical escalation ---- the point where injury begins for everyone.

  2. Ridge:
    Good points re reduction of suspect injury, and that it is always easy for arm-chair cops to criticize the folks doing the real, dangerous, work.