Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gun Sales & Permit Applications up after Aurora Murders

Gun sales and applications for concealed carry permits in Colorado rose sharply after the Aurora murders.  The article also contains an interesting Gun  Control Chronology.  Thanks to 44 for the link.


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    1. Exact comment is quoted below with added correction.

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  3. “I've always disliked statistics because the data, intentional or not, can be very misleading. This is an area that truly requires an objective scientific approach. But for the sake of debate, I'm using average figures from the CDC and Gallup-poll websites in order to address some of the anti-gun comments submitted to the story.

    I accept that my comparison and arithmetic may be flawed. So corrective criticism is more than welcome.

    Around 50 million American households contain guns. Taking all fatal and non-fatal firearm injuries regardless of circumstance, the CDC's average estimate was approximately 30,000 per year. That's about 0.06% of gun owning households …. [Remember, the CDC’s annual figure involved all firearm related injuries, not just gun owning households.].

    When looking at the above CDC number for firearm injuries to that of fatal and non-fatal injuries from all other causes, gun related trauma comes in at 0.01%. Like to hear your thoughts?”.