Thursday, May 17, 2012

TIH: Brown v. Bd. of Education.

  May 17, 1954:  The Supreme Court announces its opinion in Brown v. Bd. of Education banning public school segregation. It only took a little more than 80 years for the Court to  remedy and obvious violation of the Equal Protection clause.  There was widespread opposition to the decision.  Although not as vehement as in 1954, reaction to the Supreme Court's opinion in Heller (2008) has also shwon strong opposition.  Looks like lots of Americans, then and now,  really don't  want a "land of the free" and a "home of the brave" for everyone. Too many people want rights for themselves and their ideological allies, but not for the wrong kind of people.

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  1. Equal protection is about blind justice to physical demographics. That said, it doesn't mean giving up one's morals when choice is involved. An example is the illogical promotion of same-sex marriage. Show me the science proving a genetic basis for homosexuality. Chances are it's non-existent. IMHO, it only exist in the liberals' politically correct world. Another social progressive brain infarction is the belief that people have an inalienable right to healthcare. Really? Do they have that same right to personal services like police protection, haircuts and manicures? After-all no one knows if or when they might be assaulted or must look their best. Contemporary expectations have gotten to be somewhat inane and downright ridiculous. Simply because social progressive liberals take their freedoms for granted doesn't mean it's free. It's been hard won and preserved by the dedicated efforts and sacrifices of America's patriots. These brave souls have done their honorable duty. What have the socialist wannabes contributed to civility and prosperity? Class warfare? Racism? A welfare state? They've demonstrated a proclivity
    toward everything outside of blind justice.