Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faculty painting removed from exhibition

We often forget that art work is entitled to First Amendment protection. This College President seems to have forgotten and removed a painting critical of the Confederate past from a faculty art exhibition. Conservative censors at work this time? Authoritarianism is alive and well on both sides of the political spectrum


  1. The painting very appropriately portrays the rallying symbol of white supremacy. Southerners see the depiction as desecrating their historical battle flag. The truth about the victims' plight, and the injustices dealt them, deeply hurts as well it should.

  2. 44 and I agree, but not totally . . . battle flag, schmaddle flag . . . I grew up surrounded by racism, in my neighborhood and my family . . . nonetheless, I accept the responsibility to look back on the errors of my ancestors and reject them, and I do. It's called adulthood. We're not talking about DA haircuts and hula hoops here, we're reviewing a crime against humanity. The "battle flag" should enjoy the same fame as a swastika. The morons who adore it are all clustered around the same standard deviation of the intelligence bell curve.