Monday, April 04, 2011

Concealed carry & on college campuses

One of the current controversies in Texas and other states is whether persons with state-issued licenses to carry concealed handguns should be permitted to carry on college campuses. IMHO, Such carrying by licensees, may violate the Second Amendment. Secondly, there is no empirical basis to fear a rise in crime. Finally, opposition to such carrying on campus is fueled by dislike of guns and gun owners or irrational fears. Fear is propaganda tactic frequently used by those opposed to the rights of others and has long been used in an attempt to suppress civil liberties. See this short article by commentator Stephen Chapman.


  1. The VPC, like most lefty groups, throw a lot of figures out to support their weak drummed-up arguments. Their numbers are only as good as the convenient formulation they choose to use. Having been trained in "real" science, I tend to follow Mark Twain's famous words, there are "lies, damned lies, and statistics". The VPC's manipulated data validates well MT's wise observation.

  2. It gets absurd when off-duty law enforcement is told to enter campus unarmed. If academics are that paranoid about the hardware, reality is nowhere in sight. An appropriately trained on-duty cop will quickly identify an off duty cop, and the off-duty cop will make it clear . . . that objection is a red herring. Anyone who expects a peace officer to slay dragons all day on their behalf and then put his armor away to enter his holy space is a buffoon.

  3. 44 & Ridgway: Thanks for the comments. Stay tuned!