Friday, June 24, 2016


According to the NYT:

"The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a challenge to a race-conscious admissions program at the University of Texas at Austin, handing supporters of affirmative action a major victory.
The decision, Fisher v. University of Texas, No. 14-981, concerned an unusual program and contained a warning to other universities that not all affirmative action programs will pass constitutional muster. But the ruling’s basic message was that admissions officials may continue to consider race as one factor among many in ensuring a diverse student body.
The decision, by a 4-to-3 vote, was unexpected. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, the author of the majority opinion, has long been skeptical of race-sensitive programs and had never before voted to uphold an affirmative action plan. He dissented in the last major affirmative action case.
Supporters of affirmative action hailed the decision as a landmark."

See the syllabus and opinions here.
IMHO, when we are dealing with basic constitutional rights, such as equal protection of the law, limitations on those rights should only be enacted by
the legislature. As is the case with concealed carry on campus, those decisions should not be made by educational officials with no political accountability.

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