Sunday, June 19, 2016


Although it is difficult to predict what Congress will do, I predict we will see gun control aimed a 'assault weapons' and possible terrorists.  Most of the focus has been on that issue and how to use the 'no fly' list or some analogue.  Perhaps we will have a no-buy list.  For background see this NYT aticle.

I say this because an unusual number of Republicans seem willing to consider new law, both major party candidates are in favor of doing something and, Democrats may pick up additional seats in both huses of Congress via Clinton's coattails.  there's one more thing.

Texas' senior Republican Senator, John Cornyn, a conservative and tea party favorite has proposed one type of bill.  His bill might not pass, but his stance may indicate change is near.

I am open to such legislation as long as Second Amendment, due process and privacy rights are protected.  It's hard to say how that can be done at this point, but federal courts have upheld the no-fly list. 

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  1. Since around 1973 or so, I've been asking for somebody to tell me of any gun control law which has had any effect on the rate of violent crime with firearms.

    For over forty years, I've yet to hear an answer.

    So: What proposed idea would prevent another Orlando? No past law could or would have prevented it. And aside from any law, look at the shooter's credentials and the political stroke of his father and his employer.

    Ask yourself: When bad guys do bad things, why do people believe that the solution is to punish the honest people by restricting their rights?

    It's not about crime or terror. It's about control.