Wednesday, December 02, 2015

More left-wing college intolerance

“Hundreds of students crammed into Amherst College’s Robert Frost Library for a sit-in against racial injustice that turned into a confessional, as one black or Hispanic student after another rose to talk about feelings of alienation and invisibility on campus. . . .[Among their demands]
They wanted students who had posted “Free Speech” and “All Lives Matter” posters to go through “extensive training for racial and cultural competency” and possibly discipline.” 

Although Amherst is a private college and the First Amendment doesn’t apply to them, one would think education and academic freedom would suggest more tolerance. Tolerance and free speech are under attack from both the left and right.  This is very disturbing, and does not bode well.
For more on  this general topic see Jack Cashill's book Scarlet Letters: The Ever-increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism.

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