Thursday, December 17, 2015

Good cop-bad cop, let's not forget about the good ones

We all tend to fall into the presumption of guilt trap.  We assume all police are brutes.  We rarely hear about good things police do or the acquittals of officers. Policing is a stressful, underpaid and sometimes dangerous job.
Dallas morning news columnist James Ragland, . . .  "spent a lot of time this week trying to reconcile two conflicting images of cops in America.
It’s this dueling Good Cop-Bad Cop narrative that’s playing out not just in social media – with the rise of hash tags like #BlackLivesMatter and #CopLivesMatter — but in real life, where it counts.
I hope you saw the heart-tugging tale of Arlington police Officer Antonia Crutcher.
After talking with a kid, Giovani, whose bike had been stolen, Crutcher took money out of her own pocket to buy the boy a new set of wheels."

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