Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Gun Control 'Farce'

As Thomas Sowell points out in this excellent article, the empirical support underlying gun control proposals is not there. Alternate link here.


  1. For over forty years I have asked of pro-gun-control advocates that they name any one law which has ever served to reduce the rate of violent crimes where firearms are involved.

    So far, dead silence. That includes Dale Christophersen and Mike Perry.


  2. Art:
    Thanks for the comment. For many gun control advocates, gun control is not really about crime control. They are naïve, wishful thinkers, left-wing authoritarians or on a symbolic crusade.

  3. The link failed to display Sowell's article. Pro-gun control idealists say if the perpetrator did not have access to a gun, then so many innocent lives would not have been lost. Lest we forget it was an individual and not a gun that decided to murder people. Reality dictates that if law abiding citizens had a gun, " ...then so many innocent lives would not have been lost.".

  4. 44: Sorry, try this
    If that doesn't work, google "the gun control farce"

  5. Thanks for sharing Dr. Sowell's insight on gun control. I agree with the comment wherein he stated " ... these supposedly crazy shooters are usually rational enough to choose some 'gun-free zone' for their murderous attacks. They seem more rational than gun control zealots who keep creating more 'gun-free zones.'". My exact sentiment.