Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another crooked politician bites the dust

According to the NYT:
"J. Dennis Hastert, the longest serving Republican speaker of the House, could face as much as six months behind bars or as little as no prison time, according to preliminary sentencing guideline calculations announced Wednesday by federal prosecutors as Mr. Hastert pleaded guilty to trying to evade federal banking laws."

It's no wonder so many people are fed up with government.


  1. Trouble is, he paid blackmail with his own money. He tried to evade the large-sum reporting laws by withdrawing amounts below $10,000 but accumulating to larger amounts.

    The stated intent at the time of passage was to try to deal with drug-money laundering. It has morphed into nothing more than snoopiness into innocent private affairs.


  2. Art, Thanks for the comment. The language of the statute controls over statements of legislative intent. The statute is not limited to drug money. Investigating alleged violations of the law which are clearly within the wording of the statute are not 'snoopiness.' The specific motive of the payment is irrelevant.