Monday, September 21, 2015

Campus concealed carry an issue in Florida.

Licensed concealed carry on college campuses is a hot issue again this year in Florida.  The nations leading expert on gun crime and gun control is Dr. Gary Kleck of Fla. State University.  College presidents are against it, but "Florida State University criminology professor Gary Kleck spoke in favor of the bill, saying that research shows that extremely few people who have concealed weapons permit holders commit crimes with guns, but they are more successful than non-gun owners in protecting life and property.
“The risk of a carry permit holder doing gun violence is not zero, but it’s awfully close to zero. In fact they’re an extraordinarily law-abiding group of people, which is hardly surprising since you have to pass a background check in order to get the permit,” Kleck said. “Those carry permit holders have a reason for carrying – it’s for self-protection for the sake of avoiding injury and retaining property.”

In addition, one has to be 21 years of age to get a permit and get screened.  It is not free.  Most college students do not have permits.  It is doubtful that allowing concealed carry on campus will change that.  Further, a person looking for criminal opportunities is not going to worry about permits and gun laws.  The idea that students who have a license to carry are going to go berserk if they get a bad grade and start shooting is ridiculous.  Those faculty members and administrators who are opposed apparently do not trust their own students.  Perhaps they need to find new professions.

Texas, a law-and-order state recently passed a law allowing, with a few limits, licensed concealed carry on college campuses.  A few states have allowed for a number of yers and I have not seen a single case where a licensed concealed carrier committed a crime with a gun on a campus in those states.

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