Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book Recommendation: Foner's "The Story of American Freedom"

As American's we are always watchful for infringements on our freedom.  Many are also interested in the concept itself.  This is why I strongly recommend, Eric Foner's book The Story of American Freedom. Although he is not without critics, and may lean a little to the Left,  Foner is one of America's most highly respected scholars of American history.  He was won just about every award for American history that there is. I stress his qualifications because too many people rely on history written by ideologues and think-tank employees and grantees.  That's no the way to get an accurate, balanced coverage.   No writer is above biases, but we can at least avoid the most obviously biased by checking the author's background.   If you only read the writings of ideologues, you will become one.

Basically, the  traces the various uses and abuses of the term over the course of American history up to the late 1990's.  Every politician and cause likes to wrap itself in the mantle of freedom.
Rather than re-invent the wheel and present my own review, I offer this excellent review from the Wall Street Journal.

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