Thursday, April 30, 2015

A surprisingly valuable source: Al Jazeera America-AMENDED

I have re-read the editorial and see the point of 44's comment. Let me amend the post to recommend only the NEWS section, but not the OPINION section.
"Al Jazeera America" has a suspicious sound to it, but it's news coverage is surprisingly good and relatively balanced.  I detect some left-leaning, at least in the editorials but I also detect a lot of insight that is provided by at least a partially 'outside,' non-Red v. Blue source.   On the other hand, it is partially funded by the ruling family of Qatar. Check it out.  See their news section. Thanks to Vince Kessler for suggesting I check out this source.


  1. IMO, the problem with Al Jazeera is having to wade through the propaganda. I see very little objectivity to their news reporting. And the linked editorial claims that malicious, destructive behavior is justified for anyone who feels disenfranchised. As one radio personalty said, "this is not a [race] problem, it's a society problem". Baltimore is run by big government loving social progressives. The riots are their measurable outcome.

  2. 44; Thanks for the comment. I have re-read the editorial. 'Editorials' are generally not expected to be objective. However, I do agree that the editorial is a little 'over-the-top,' and ignores other factors. Violence of that riotous sort can never be justified. Thus, I have amended the post. I need to get "called out" once in a while to stay sharp! Thanks again!