Monday, December 15, 2014

Open Carry of Handguns Coming up for Texas?

Open carry of handguns is allowed in the great majority of states.  Texas, surprisingly to many who view it as the worst example of the gun crazy wild-west, doesn't allow it.  However, it is likely to authorize it next legislative session. Texans have been very active lobbying for the change.  Perhaps the leading organization is "Open Carry Texas." Check out their website.  It's not only "gun nuts" who are supporting it.  Many libertarians, even those who don't own a gun are supporters.   There is no credible evidence at increases in open or concealed carry result in more gun crime.  In fact, both gun crime and violent crime rates have been going down for years. Yet, authoritarians on the Left often get squeamish when they see people exercising politically incorrect constitutional or statutory rights. For more on open carry see Wikipedia.

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