Monday, December 15, 2014

Dire predictions following U.S. S.Ct's Citizens United decision not borne out

Every time the U.S. Supreme Court expands constitutional rights someone in the country is unhappy.  The Far Right is still fuming over Roe v. Wade.  The Left is still fuming over the Second Amendent decisions.  No matter who is moaning and groaning, they always predict dire consequences flowing form the expansion of rights.  Citizens United elicited much moaning, groaning and gnashing of teeth.  There were hysterical predictions of more corruption in politics (as if that were possible) and the wealthy and corporations buying elections.  However, we know that the biggest spender does not always win, and corporations don't always get their man.  This article from the Left-leaning New York Times also suggests that the dire consequences have not and probably will not emerge. It states, in part,

“Dire warnings rang out that the decision [Citizens United] would herald a new era in politics,” wrote Adam Bonica, a Stanford University political scientist, in a 2013 paper about the effects of Citizens United. “Three years on, there is little evidence that these predictions have come to pass.” Over the past year, Americans spent more on almonds than on selecting their representatives in Congress." 

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