Friday, November 07, 2014

Pro-gun owner controls approved in Washington.

Washington state  is moving toward greater background check controls after voter's approve the initiative. My biggest concern  is that it covers private transfers between unlicensed individuals including gifts.  The article highlight liberal hypocrisy about the influence of big money on elections.  Their attitude is "Citizens United and other First Amendment limits on campaign funding are awful except when we win."  Watch for initiatives in other states as the controllers push this method of challenging Second Amendment rights.

"Progressives who get angry at the notion of big money manipulating the electorate will probably not be alarmed to note that, with the NRA choosing to toss in only around a half a million, that Washington's initiative had pro voices outspending anti enormously—Ballotpedia has pro forces spending over $10 million, and anti only around $600,000. Enemy of all freedoms Michael Bloomberg gave $50 million overall to one of the groups pushing this initiative, "Everytown for Gun Safety." (Big donors for 594 also included Bill and Melinda Gates to the tune of a million, and Paul Allen to the tune of a half million.)"

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