Friday, November 07, 2014

Democracy works, voters make wise choice in Dallas DA contest

Although I would never abandon our basic system, the quality of people voters elected and re-elect causes frequent despair.  However, sometimes voters do make the right decision.

"Republican Susan Hawk defeated Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins on Tuesday, ending the historic eight-year tenure of the state’s first black district attorney.
Her win gives the GOP its first countywide victory in 10 years and derails one of the state’s most promising leaders, a man who rose to stardom but fell victim to his own miscalculations.
Hawk becomes the first woman elected district attorney in Dallas County."

Why is this a big deal?  In spite of wonderful efforts to exonerate the innocent, Watkins revealed himself to be seriously ethically challenged.  Voters ignored the Democratic party machine and straight ticket voting to oust a scandal-ridden D.A.
See this editorial from the Dallas Morning News.

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