Friday, October 03, 2014

TIH: OJ acquited

After a long and widely televised/publicized trial OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder.  The verdict was both praised and criticized.  Some argued that the verdict represented disgust with LAPD.  Of course, OJ is now in prison on new charges


  1. The OJ verdict was a travesty of justice.

  2. Unfortunately, when the courts blunder, future blunders in the form of backlash are virtually guaranteed. It's discourage when judges allow incompetent juries to wreak havoc and then claim that they were powerless to do anything. The buck stops with them throughout the process . . . we need better.

  3. For better or worse, the 6th Amendment (made applicable to the states by the 14th Amend.) gives defendants a right to a jury trial. In these cases, the judge cannot constitutionally overrule a jury verdict of acquittal. The double jeopardy clause (5th Amend) precludes re-trial after an acquittal.